About Company

Working with you from conception to installation

Charles Heath Industries was first established in 1980. We share over 25 years’ experience in quality, service and craftsmanship with our clients in Sydney Metro and surrounds. As architectural metal fabrication experts, we can work with any design team from the earliest concept stages through to prototyping, final fabrication and installation. Drawing from this extensive experience, we can contribute to overcoming design obstacles and realise the full potential of our clients’ vision. We can also arrange contract carriers when needed, with our own trucks to ensure timely onsite arrival of workers and materials.

We will liaise with all the relevant people for your project so that we meet all applicable specifications, including Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia and local government requirements.

Our client base is made up of residential builders, architects, engineers, small to large commercial builders, developers and government departments. We look forward to servicing your particular needs.

Handling your whole project without using other contractors. Contact our Experts : 02 9609 6000